Gloxon Multi Service Limited was founded by OSALUMESE TEMISAN OSAMUDIAMEN who has worked with chevron operation field for the past 6-7 years as fire and spill emergency responder, underground piping Engineering a member of Escavos Secondary Fire Bridge for the past 8years Bsc Mechanical Engineering, OND holder on Environmental and Health Safety, OND on Safety And Security Management (Gloxon Multi Service Limited) was establish 2009 incorporated in 2013 as a limited company in nigeria. Our primary objective is to provide All Mechanical Job, fire and safety equipment to help our client have operation safety environment, and other supply products and services to organizations and companies in the efficient application of Information Technology.


Gloxon Multi Service Limited key activities comprise All Mechanical Job, piping, supply, design and installation of all types of fire equipment, designing and installation of fire underground pipeline, safety equipment, labour supply, general supplier. These include; sales, supply, install and maintenance on all types of fire equipment, plumbing material, welding material and tools, argon welding accessary, and electrical and Instrumentation installation, electronic material and appliances, civil work, building material and tools, paint material and painting services diesel, water, beverages, scaffold, mechanical equipment, leasing of Equipment, solar system, lubricating oil and providing logistic and housekeeping services, servicing of fire extinguisher and other fire equipment, repair of gas detector, supply of computer and computer accessories.


Gloxon Multi service employs are qualified and innovative individuals who have the necessary skills and years of experience to respond to today challenging business needs. Exceeding client satisfaction motivates GMSL team of staff.